Beautiful Red & Peach Coral Beads For Traditional Engagement Wedding

I know there aren’t alot of ideas and inspiration online for Nigerian traditional engagement coral beads, but here we are going to be sharing many designs and styles we find any and everywhere, giving you access to the fabulous and gorgeous coral beads style that you can wear on your big day! …Read More.





8 Stunning Blue & Silver Coral Bead Designs For Traditional Engagement Wedding

No matter the type of blue coral or beads you require, here are some fabulous designs in different shades of blue to inspire you!…Read More.






Nigerian Coral Bead Designs By SeunD Beadworks

We can never get enough of SeunD’s beautifully made coral beads with very detailed and intricate designs, here at Nigerian wedding. The jewelry designer has just updated her collection with more stunning pieces, which we couldn’t wait to share with our readers. The collection includes a customised sponge Coral bubble bead with gold, which is also available in red and Peach, and some other peach corals of stunning designs, all with matching earrings and bracelet.…Read More.




Beads of beauty

LADIES of style are constantly adding colours to the growing fashion industry with their creativity.  One of such ladies is Seun Ajani-Dosunmu, CEO of Beadworks By SeunD…Read More